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The Power of Focus (how many times?) and AA Principles…


The Last Drop by Zsuzsanna Kilián

The Last Drop by Zsuzsanna Kilián

I apologise profusely for being a broken record on this. As a colleague today said in the kitchen at Madgex ‘Well of course, focus is the key to life’.

You can get a sense of the level of the conversation when I’d been suggested that we pull together a group of (we thought) similarly self-aware individuals who were all struggling with the same problem: the consistent management of their attention. I suggested we use the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in terms of peer/group support and create our own steps for ‘recovery’.

The whole theory of it being a ‘recovery’ however really brought it home to me what a holy grail/ key to life it is. For me it fits as follows. In a pre-dawn moment at the weekend I brainstormed the following under the heading: ‘Observations, realities and reminders’

• MY CONTROL OF MY ATTENTION WILL be my lifetime USP/ core competence
• Deliberate practice is the only way that life gets easier
• Mindfulness and self awareness are the cornerstones to my future success
• Deliberate, clear and constantly referred to goals are at the heart of the engine room of effort
• Focus and consistent, persistent hard work takes a crazy amount of effort
• I only achieve through hard work and constant endeavour
• Deliberate focus on efficiency, volumes and throughput is the only way to get better faster
• A driver of hard work and persistence should be time for the creation of creative/ pleasure/ research

I decided just to put these out there in this post without any further explanation as my stake in the ground/ hat in the ring of what I intend to achieve in the short-term of my life

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Mindfulness: Learning in the Task

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by Asif Akbar

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by Asif Akbar

I had a riding lesson today. My family is mad-keen and has been having lessons for many months now. I wanted to go as I look for activities where I can completely lock my focus onto something. Enforced mindfulness I suppose. My colleague Jane and I have had a couple of discussions on the need for a switch off by completely switching onto something else. She gets this switch off relaxation from snowboarding. To paraphrase terribly, I think she said something like ‘you tend to concentrate if you’re hurtling down a hill and likely to kill yourself if you don’t’

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Thrashing and Power of Focus: the simple truth

Power by dfu

Power by dfu

Nothing has struck me more since I began my pursuit of self-development a few years ago, than the apparent power of focus.

Struck about ten years ago with a real curiosity about the qualities and benefits of mindfulness within Buddhism, it feels like part of the end game for a lot of self-development challenges includes the ability to master the power of focus to the best of your abilities.

With my ‘simple mind’ investigations that I am now undertaking, I am now struck by the double-challenge of that mastery:

1. To be able to focus is a challenge in itself. I always remember a quote where someone said that the secret of their success was their ability to concentrate single-mindedly on one matter with absolute focus (for something crazily short like 15 minutes (would love to get this correctly sourced…..)

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