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The ‘Why’ of Goal Setting

I was struck yesterday that I had maybe missed something after a few years of light investigation in the area of vision and goal setting. The ‘why’. It had always been there in the books and articles I had read. It was always the simple and understandable bit. But it was in looking at the Wikipedia entry on goal-setting that it really struck me.

A guy called Douglas Vermeeren, is quoted as explaining this important principle clearly, “When people talk of clarity it often gets described as just writing down your goals. The most important element is often left out. That is finding your motivation. If you want to get to your goals quickly you have got to clarity on why you want it. What does it mean to you? Why do you need it in your life? And the stronger and more important they why – the more power you will have to pursue that goal.”

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3 thoughts on “The ‘Why’ of Goal Setting

  1. Robyn Powell on said:

    I have heard Doug Vermeeren speak at our last corporate retreat and he is refreshingly practical and interesting. I recently heard that he was voted the #1 motivational speaker under 40 in the world. I can easily see how this would be the case. He shares many important principles that most other people teaching goal setting miss. I found his insights on the importance of decision to be very profound for me and have been able to use those insights for significant changes in my own business and personal life. I would highly recommend him as the next keynote speaker at your event.

  2. Walter K. on said:

    Douglas Vermeeren is in my opinion the world’s foremost expert on productivity, goal setting and achievement. He has conducted extensive studies of the world’s most successful people like Napoleon Hill. But his work is far more valuable as it includes modern considerations that were not available in Hill’s day. For example, athletes, celebrities, internet gurus and networking marketing millionaires just did not exist. Therefore, Hill could not study them. Vermeeren has. He is by far one fo the best personal development leaders today. I have been very impressed with the practicality of his message. He definitely is the #1 speaker out there for actually giving people tools to change their lives not just get them “pumped up.” His programs have made a difference in my bottom line and the results are real. I also would highly recommend him as the keynote for your next event, or better yet attend one of his week long retreats. You will be impressed.

  3. Doug Vermeeren is the #1 motivational speaker that I have ever heard. Practical! Powerful! Inspirational! and Entertaining!

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