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Why is Time Management so hard?

This was the question that first made me want to start blogging. It felt like the unanswerable question. It felt like the question that lots of people would think they could answer, but none truly could.

It’s probably about a year since I was thinking those thoughts. I’ve done a lot of reading, given a lot of presentations, had a lot of conversations and done a lot of thinking since then.

A number of times I think I’ve got the answer. Someone has told me on paper why it is so hard. I love Mark Forster’s view in Do It Tomorrow:

‘Imagine the Reactive Brain as a lizard sitting on a rock in the sun. If it sees a threat, such as a predator, it scuttles under the rock and freezes. If it sees a juicy bug which has strayed to close, it will snap it up. It doesn’t have to think about it. It acts as a pre-programmed reaction. It really doesn’t care that much at all about the Rational Brain’s plans. The only thing it cares about is whether they constitute a threat or a nice juicy bug.’

I accept Brian Tracy’s admonishments in Eat That Frog

But I feel like I am possessed. Don’t get me wrong. I’m good. I’m efficient. I am incredibly mindful. But sometimes (a lot of the time) I (imagine) I feel like I have Tourette’s. I can’t help no focussing. I feel like there’re two little children inside of me goading each other on to be naughty and not focus on the Frog.

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