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Start as I Should End. My Vision.

These conversations with myself will need a beginning, middle and end. I suspect the end will be when my light has gleamed an instant and it is night once more.

That sounds morbid. But it’s not meant to be. And I’m definitely not that way inclined. When I was seventeen I studied Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. It wasn’t that it had one of those teenage profound effects on me. My interpretation just set me off on adulthood with what I appreciate now as being a relatively unlimiting set of beliefs. So where to begin? (I’ll come to the middle in a few years I’d imagine)

Well, at the end actually. One of my core areas of interest is to understand what happens in the interaction between the conscious and other-than-conscious in relation to goal setting. How does the creation of a mental vision of your future successful outcomes improve your likelihood of achieving them? Therefore my successful outcomes in relation to these ‘Just Seven Things’ are as follows:

  1. I achieve clarity of and mastery in how we can consciously manage our current and future happiness
  2. I have been involved in conversations and challenges with all historic, current and future leaders in thinking in the areas of vision and goal setting, NLP, Hypnosis, personal development (inc. time management), the psychology and psychobiology of happiness and areas I don’t even know are relevant yet
  3. Increase the happiness of all those that I interact with in relation to my pursuit of answers, knowledge and enhanced clarity


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