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Elevator Pitch Methodology

A brilliant methodology for a good elevator pitch is described by Mike Southon in his FT Column. He first describes how in sales there is the concept of “golden nuggets”. He identifies that customers have very short attention spans and can only remember three things about your product whereas the average marketing team tries to cram 50 amazing features into your literature:

‘The problem is…. that as soon as you mention the fourth golden nugget, the first, and probably the most important one, drops out of their memory.’ The simple methodology for a good elevator pitch ‘centres around five ‘P’s: Read more…

How do Vision and Mission Improve Communications and Group Interaction?

Tug O' War by Kevin Luu

Tug O' War by Kevin Luu

I was struck today by how powerful the outcomes of setting a good, clear vision and mission are: particularly in how they impact communications and group interaction.

They impact various types of communications, including personal, interpersonal and corporate (internal and external):

1. Communicating clearly to yourself to focus and prioritise the activity that will maximise your ability to achieve your mission and vision

2. Amongst a group sharing the same vision/ mission (i.e. a corporate, not-for-profit, social group etc.), there are a number of benefits:

– The creation of a common set of values: they naturally align to support delivery of a commonly held set of outcomes

– The creation of common underlying goals and activities: clear actions enabling all members to pull in the same direction

– The creation of common understanding: even if people are communicating at apparent cross-purposes (in non-mission/vision groups), in those with mission and vision, common understanding shines through whatever fuzzy interaction takes place

– The acceptance of difference is enhanced when all parties are known to share the same vision/ mission

– The allowance for divergent personality traits: less drive for normalising behaviour if it doesn’t matter in the short-term relative to long-term goal achievement

– The allowance for ‘journey’ differences: the route to a goal matters less if the achievement of that goal is shared 

3. A group seems more aligned to external observers when the purpose is common

4. Shared vision and mission (more obviously) makes the outwards communication of shared purpose easier

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Start as I Should End. My Vision.

These conversations with myself will need a beginning, middle and end. I suspect the end will be when my light has gleamed an instant and it is night once more.

That sounds morbid. But it’s not meant to be. And I’m definitely not that way inclined. When I was seventeen I studied Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. It wasn’t that it had one of those teenage profound effects on me. My interpretation just set me off on adulthood with what I appreciate now as being a relatively unlimiting set of beliefs. Read more…

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