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The Psychology of Game Playing… continued

Kid's Game 5 by Adrian van Leen

Kid's Game 5 by Adrian van Leen

Further to a series of posts on game playing, it was great to be able to add to the different tools after reading a post on Mark Forster’s blog about Chaining.

Mark explains ‘There is a simple method called “Chaining” which can greatly increase your chances of success. It takes the form of competing against yourself to produce the longest chain of days in which you succeeded with your goal. 

For example, if your goal is to practise the piano daily you manage to carry this out for two weeks and then miss a day. You have made a chain of fourteen days. Now your aim is to beat your record of fourteen days.’

Great links on the comments, including one from Janine Adams to http://www.dontbreakthechain.com./

I’m still fascinated though why game playing is so effective in helping us change. Why is it so core? I thought about a number of different nature/ nurture sources, and will explore these further in weeks to come. Steve Nichols’ article on Game Psychology provides a fascinating primer before then.

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