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The Revelation of Micro Task Planning and Thinking?

Life in Detail 2 by Nate Brelsford

Life in Detail 2 by Nate Brelsford


I was struck today by the power of planning. Not planning of your life goals: the goal setting and vision lifeblood of success. No: micro planning of the very task that you’re just about to do.

I think we’re so used to what we know how to do; our routines and our learnt ways of doing things. We probably know how to do most things that we come upon in our average work day. We think we know the ‘best ways’ of doing most of the things that we do on a daily/ weekly and monthly basis.
It’s interesting that when ‘cost’ or ‘efficiency’ consultants go into businesses, the things that would need to change to optimise a process are so simple; and afterwards so obvious. The ‘way we do it’ in both personal and business life becomes so ingrained we often don’t even think to think. And we rarely challenge it.


Blockers feel like they arise in our ability to achieve new things or do new tasks because:

1.       Confidence is sometimes an issue

2.       We are unused to thinking (or stopping to think)

3.       We are unused to intelligently planning on a practical basis

It feels like we are so built to be responsive [link to article] that we are destined to respond poorly to new situations because of this lack of micro-planning.

What do I mean by micro-planning? I’m thinking about:

·         Taking a short period of time to brainstorm the elements of the task you need to do

·         Thinking about a realistic sequence

·         Resources

·         Restraints

·         Other people

·         Timeframes

But most importantly, taking the time to think…

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