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NLP, Modelling and Scenario Planning


Captive by Stockers9

Captive by Stockers9

I read a great article by Ram Charan – he is a kind of ‘star’ adviser to some of the world’s most successful CEOs. Apparently he has no home, just living in hotels and on planes as he jets from assignment to assignment. An office of staff handle his billing and (presumably) his laundry….


But I digress. The point of the article was to address how businesses should respond to the credit crunch. Scenario planning was mentioned as vitally important for management teams to prepare for the worst cases, and plan their responses accordingly.

It’s a relatively small point, but it struck me how NLP techniques are used in this business tool. Is it not a combination of NLP modelling and, effectively, goal setting in reverse?

You’re not planning to achieve the negative outcome or worst case scenario as you would your goal or vision. Instead of aligning your resources to set you up for success, are you not trying out or getting a feel for how you would respond and what you would do? I know this sounds simplistic, but the point is that by modelling a response and envisioning the emotional and practicalities, is not your RAS going to be strengthening you in advance of that scenario happening or not.

In an inversion of your RAS focusing your attention on the opportunities to fulfill your mission/ vision/ goals, you will be being hardened, resolved and prepared for that worst case happening. The drills of the military and the continual routine practice in a number of other areas do something similar. They endeavour to transcend the conscious freezing/ blockage or response lag that can occur in a high stress scenario.

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