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Talking to Myself Again

Yep. I’m talking to myself more and more these days. I’ve even started emailing myself. The onset of madness, or management for a healthy mind?

In fairness, I’ve not yet got to the stage that others I know have. I’m not giving myself pep talks or motivating myself with inspirational statements. I’m not even really chastising myself for thinking unproductive/damaging thoughts.

No, it’s more of a pressure release valve. For the last year or two I’ve been trying to listen to myself. I’ve been trying to get good at picking up on the signals (for me, normally tension or lightness in my middle chest: the place you feel when you breath in deeper than you normally do….)

Why am I doing this? Mainly because I’ve realised that I’m a very simple creature. I’ve spent the last few years putting in place trusted systems, and learning some perspectives and processes (plus the pop-neurological background….), that have enabled me to strip myself back to my kind of core ‘operating model’

Sounds a bit up it’s own arse I know. It’s just meant to highlight my view that certain things work for certain people. For me, if I take an action when the middle chest place feels blocked or tense, I immediately get back to lightness in that place. That lightness stops me being distracted from the here and now. And as long as I make sure I spend the here and now doing as many of the things that I really want to do, then my happiness is optimised.

The actions I need to take to alleviate the tension are invariably for the future, rather than immediate. Using the trusted systems, I give myself an action, send myself a message (or send someone else a message or action)

So. My advice? Talk to yourself more often.

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2 thoughts on “Talking to Myself Again

  1. michael on said:

    Interesting… I talk to myself all the time.. at home,
    while cooking, doing chores or trying to solve problems and
    sometimes at work… gets me some pretty strange looks. Sometimes,
    when I’m by myself, I just talk like theres someone else there
    sitting beside me.. just sorting through issues and personal stuff.
    I find it helps.. I never lose an arguement. hahaha.. I’ve never
    tried sending myself an email though.. that actually sounds like an
    awesome idea… it might be helpful when sending emails where the
    subject matter may be viewed the wrong way – picturing yourself as
    the recipient and looking at it from their point of view. Might be
    interesting to try. Thanks for this article. :)

    • Hummam on said:

      I think facebook took this great attitude from me… last few years i’m not talking to myself like before, but suddenly when I deactivate my FB, I spent more time alone, and my tongue just run like never before. I’m enjoying it… but it is time consuming for me, similar to Facebook.

      I enjoy it a lot. but I feel like i’m part of a secret sect.. so I can’t do that in front of any one :(

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