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Run a Business Like Making a Movie

Films are successful only if everyone, from key grip to leading actor, shares a common understanding of what the end result must look and sound like.

Harvard Business Review’s Bendapudi & Bendapudi use Limited Brand’s CEO’s Les Wexner’s citation of Sidney Lumet’s book Making Movies to make the point about the role of leadership; to use language that employees get to get them to achieve things together.

The idea of leader as director and the company’s strategy as a movie is fantastic. The role of communication and engagement of the participants in the creation of a future reality (what consumers will buy) is a wonderful mindshift of the normal things leaders consider important.

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One thought on “Run a Business Like Making a Movie

  1. To a certain extent, all logical argument is argument by analogy, however, one needs to be careful when framing ones analogies to make it clear what it covers and crucially, what it does not. Would you let your daughter work for a company run by Roman Polanski? What would the HR Director have to say about the health and safety policies of “Master of Disaster”, Irwin Allen?

    Having said that; I can truly sympathise with the saintly patience required to coax performances out of a teams that, almost without fail, seem have a generous sprinkling of destructive, paranoid, prima-donnas so there is definitely something in this.

    On balance, I think Tim Burton might be preferable to Woody Allen or Steven Spielberg.

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