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Finally Fooled by Taleb’s Randomness?

Indicating my need to improve my reading speed, I have finally finished Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s excellent Fooled by Randomness. The string of posts on the impact that Fooled by Randomness has had on me as I have read it is linked here.

I leave the book definitely impacted, and – as I should be – with questions.

I need to percolate on thoughts over the next few days. I’m reading Guy Claxton’s Hare Brain Tortoise Mind to try and act as counterpoint to the thing that I think left me most concerned on leaving the book:

1. That emotions are hard-wired and cannot be changed: ‘the epiphany I had in my career in randomness came when I understood that I was not intelligent enough, nor strong enough, to even try to fight my emotions’

– I need to dwell on whether my problem with this is that I consider NLP to be something which can at least ‘re-direct’ my emotions (if I identify emotions with ‘state’)

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Superstition and Sport: Strange Bed Fellows

Venus Williams apparently maintains exactly the same routines to ensure her ‘luck’. In the Wimbledon final for the seventh time, and winner I think for the fifth she said in a BBC interview that she will do exactly the same as she has done on all the last winning occasions (same dressing room/ shower/ hanger/ locker…). Now designer of her own clothing range, she also made some comment along the lines of even wearing similar clothing.

Golfers are worse. In fact, looking at an article I pulled up from Google from News24.com they’re all as mad as a box of frogs….

But I began to wonder why this was. These people are amongst the most dedicated, driven, focused individuals on the planet. Fair enough that Jim and Jeff from work who play squash think they play a better game on court no. 4 at the local leisure centre. But Wimbledon winners. National team captains. Michael Jordan?

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Improving Capacity to see New Possibilities

I delivered the first part of the Madgex ideas and learnings session on the Behaviours of Leaders and Managers today.

I think it went well. I’d concentrated on researching and distilling down from a top down view the ‘best’ behaviours of managers and leaders. The bit that really ended up interesting me as I researched in more depth was quite a lot of the writing within the topic of ‘insight’ as a key leadership trait.

The obvious elements of insight obviously weren’t surprising: self awareness and an understanding of others are hugely important.

However, Andrew Leigh and Michael Maynard’s thinking and observations around ‘seeing or perceptions of situations’ in particular really struck a cord.

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