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Happiness System III

Building on one of the exercises in Mark Forster’s Do It Tomorrow and borrowing from my last Madgex hack day project, My3Things (an anonymous 360 degree feedback tool which automates the aggregation of individual feedback into a report the line manager can take the individual through) I introduced item 5. of the Happiness System this morning:

5. My3Things: a closed list of only 3 things that I will achieve today. Set according to priorities the night before/ early morning

6. Ruthless 1 topic focus: a Do It Tomorrow ‘capture’ list for any distractions/ thoughts arising during that 1 topic focus (typically a note pad or Outlook task with a due date of tomorrow)

7. ‘Unassailable’ Time slots allocated for the daily review of priorities and projects against Vision and Goals

8. Every task accepted into task management system has Very Next Action decided and noted (Very David Allen)

Next four tomorrow….

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