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Happiness System IV

Nearly there, I promise. I think I’m equally feeling the need to get all this down, structured and internally debated as I seek a life raft of more stability/ process/ systematic behaviour in my life as a result of the amount going on in my life at the moment. As well as the amount that I’m trying to achieve.

9. One 24hrs of total brain rest. Nothing being done to self-improve or create or build mentally. All and anything brain relaxing allowed.

10. A weekly time slot to review commitments, obligations and list and drop, drop, drop. Make more time.

11. (too much confusion with 1,2 and 3 below and I’ll work on the differentiations, but:) One view of overall life mission, and cascade to visions, goals, accountabilities and responsibilities with an ability to view Very Next Actions for each project (a BIG sheet of a paper) 

12. A daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly plan that I’m actioning, and know that it’s right. I need to sort out the overlap or alignment with My3Things

I think what’s as interesting as anything else in trying to define all of this in such a systematic and dispassionate way is a. how realistic it is to ever maintain the mindfulness and energy levels to operate t this level to ahieve the happiness anticipated and b. how likely I am to reacte, reaching a tipping point of just doing what feels right at the time rather than following the system

My aim is to see whether using these pages to debate this system and its conflicts will make my usage more habitual and ingrained. Or not.

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