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Happiness System II

So, is it possible?

Having a conversation with one of our most senior managers today who has more end to end responsibility in the company than anyone else. We were discussing their feelings of control or otherwise, and the speed that it can feel that balance and control is lost.

It got me talking about my thoughts around a Happiness System. The idea that there are certain key activities or tasks peculiar to an individual that when done, or kept on top of a daily, weekly or other period basis allow that person to maintain a level of balance and control. A system for achieving Happiness of Self-Management.

The next steps are to start defining them. I’ve started for myself:

  1. One list and one set of numbered priorities
  2. A ‘frog’ (see Brian Tracy) ranked view of projects at my fingertips
  3. Always having a ranked and sorted system of tasks to my time/ priorities and energies to (the Do it Tomorrow view) – I’m debating the differentiating characteristics to 1. and 2. above
  4. An 80:20 approach to any free time. 80% will always be on the important, 20% on the urgent (the Covey approach)….

To be continued

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