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A System for Happiness?

Another day of pure reactiveness and stress-fuelled response to about three separate client negotiations and 84 other pressing matters (surely 84 is the magic number……?)

So no ‘pockets of action-focus’ as promised, but an observation. It’s during days like today that a number of things seems to happen:

  1. The ‘crap’/ distractions that often suck-up focus time are correctly relegated in terms of their priority and ‘noise’
  2. Contrasting 2., after periods of ‘peak’ stress/ brain-stretch, a bit of ‘crap’/ distraction is a light relief and quite cathartic
  3. After a prolonged period of back-to-back pressure, I find that I then need to work and clear actions to feel ‘happy’ again

This striving for a feeling is fascinating because it’s not based on ‘to-do’ lists or any of the things I (think) I know I should mark my day with. It’s based on a kind of kinaesthetic ‘tipping point’

I’ve just sat for 3 hrs working continuously (and productively I should add) to reach a point where I feel happy to stop.

Now I know this is a common feeling in terms of the ways in which people work in a relatively unstructured way. I’m interested in whether it’s possible to create a working system to achieve ‘happiness’ – so less rules based, and more gut-based.

Watch this space (I need to relax now ;-)

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