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The Twist in the Tail of Control

One of the problems of the control for stress relief urge is, for me, the focus on the long-tail of activity.

Completely contrary to all the time management guidance on frogs and Do It Tomorrows etc. It feels more like an explosion of Allen’s trusted system.

Unfortunately, when I’m in control-craving mode I seem to default to explode the light touch of the trusted system out too far. I want to process everything as quickly and as immediately as possible. I want shiny, spanky empty in-box. Yes I want everything managed and prioritised. But there’s a kick in of the need to get in control. To redress the balance of out-of-control.

I know it’s also about redressing the happiness balance and calming the mental and gut noise. But again, there’s that driver for control kicking-in. It’s a virtual auto-pilot of working for achievement. The multiple quick-wins that act as a placebo for solid action clearance.

But I still love it in a way.

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