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The Creativity and Focus of Talking

For a long time now I have wondered at how powerful it would be to be able to tap in to the creativity of a 121 conversation whilst on your own.

I’m talking about how focused you are on the topic under discussion. How everything else has to fade away from your brain for you to be able to formulate the words required to talk and have a conversation with the person you are in discussion with.

I’m not even sure it’s the same when you are in a group or a brainstorming. In these scenarios maybe you have the downtime to have the kind of internal conversations you may have on your own. Of course the 121 conversations will mean that the prompts from the person you are talking to – their thoughts and assertions – are going to trigger your creativity. But is there something more happening?

Maybe it’s just me and the way in which I work? However, some of the best thoughts that I have fall out at the end of conversations, or statements that I’m making (I’m admitting to a tendency to wax over-lyrically. A development point I am working on)

It’s as though in my brain working hard to a. construct a thought and b. formulate the words and sentence to clearly communicate, it enters a place of greater creativity. When in this place things seem to both occur and resolve at the same time.

Maybe this is why people start talking to themselves?

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