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Influenced by Randomness

I’m reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s marvellous Fooled by Randomness.

A couple of initial observations:

1. I love the comment in the acknowledgements for the updated second edition: ‘human warmth: Something in our nature may help us grow ideas while dealing and socializing with other people’. It felt like an angle on my comments in my post on creativity and focus in talking.

2. I fear I am on a journey from being a ‘utopian who believe(s) in an idealized humankind….. your how-to-reach-happiness-in-twenty-steps and how-to-become-a-better-person-in-a-week book writer… thinking we (I) can control our nature at will and transform it by mere edict in order to attain, among other things, happiness and rationality’

Item 2. very much makes me observe (already) that I feel like something has shifted and that I currently feel like a different person from the one who wrote over a number of days the happiness system series of posts.

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