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The Why of Story Telling

Why is story telling so important? What is the equivalent of the nature vs. nurture analysis when applied to story telling?

I can see that through the ages, and particularly prior to the written word or books, stories/ myths/ legends were the ways in which human and cultural knowledge and history was passed through the ages.

I can see that it had practical uses that served its purposes. Whether providing warning of dangers or advising of best practices. Or merely for entertainment.

But why is it still so powerful? Companies are advised to tell their story. Brand advisers and advertising executives go back through the annals of the corporate histories to find the stories and put them central to the brand or product messaging. And it works. As an individual you engage with that company or product because of an historical or projected story that it weaves.

Client pitches or proposals invariably have a section for the story of the company. The ‘About’ sections of corporate websites are heavily trafficked as people strive to found the company in place, time and events.

Leaders are now advised to find their story too. It helps provide a hook into the real person rather than the faceless executive; both for their company and the people who work for it, and the media.

What is it in our nature that that requires this comfort? Is it a ‘knowing’ and ‘trust’ thing? Does somebody or something’s story enable us to create a fuller map of that individual or corporate? Something that we can then work on and from in building a relationship into the future.

Whatever it is, it’s powerful and without it you’re missing out.

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