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The Three P’s: Personality, Performance and Personal Development

For a long time I’ve been thinking about how there are two things going on in personal development circles. Two things that don’t seem to have found their way together in popular fields of personal development (the big books and the big themes/ systems)

1.       Personality profiling/ types/ psychometric testing

2.       Time and personal management/effectiveness systems

My apologies to those who have married them and are successfully expounding new hybrid systems and theories. Let me know what they are and where I can look at them.

Maybe my lack of awareness of them is that there is an element of self-fulfilling prophecy (if that’s the right phrase) about it/ them. That to achieve what I’ve been thinking about would lead to a set of niche or sub-niche texts or self-help books that will never make it main stream.

Imagine the power though pulling together two big powerful ‘knowns’. The first, that our profile/ personality type drives so many elements of our personality/ behaviours and actions. So many of the ways in which we act and interact is driven by who we are as an individual (but within identifiable clusters or types and therefore capable of being sliced/ diced and niched)

The second, that time and personal management /effectiveness systems are the two foundation stones of the self-help industry.

So you end up with systems tailored to your type. Completer-finishers (using a Belbin cluster/ type/ label) probably won’t be as effective in attempting to manage themselves starting with grand visions and goals. Give them the structures and frameworks and plans however and they’re laughing.

… you can see where this can lead..

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