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Ideas and Learning Projects

I keep on referring to the Ideas and Learning Projects that we run at Madgex. I then tend to link off to the Achievement in Mind blog where I posted some details. Here is the content:

I’m the CEO of a software company. After trialling a couple of hack days, and looking at the impact and outputs they had, we introduced a hybrid of Google’s creative working and Pixar’s university.

We gave 15% of their time back to our team of seventy. We created an intranet where they can pitch ideas and pull in collaborators to work in teams. The intranet also serves as something similar to university syllabus module selection. Each of the founders and directors (including myself) run courses/ workshops and seminars which people can use their time to book on to.

So far the results are fantastic. At least a couple of ideas coming out are likely to deliver cost savings of c.15-20% p.a.

What’s interesting is that we put in place no rules or parameters. No manager sign-off or review. There is just a need to share with the rest of the company via the intranet what you plan to get out of the exploration of your ideas. Yet (and probably mainly as a result of this last point) the teams’ ideas seem to cluster around what they can do for the company, how they can improve their own working day, how they can improve general efficiency.

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