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The Balance between Listening to Thoughts vs. Feelings

This is very much a catch-up post. A statement of current feelings on a set of issues that have historically vexed, and continue to, vex me.

A series of thoughts captured in my Happiness System posts concerned a simple ‘brain-led’ set of principles to increasing happiness for me. Things that if I could set into habit, in my mind would make me happier. The problem – the resistance between head and heart. The failure to enter routine or habit. The lack of ‘draw-to’ the thing that I intellectually flag as being good for my happiness.

Something I have been thinking (is it possible to have directed feeling too?) about a lot is my awareness of a very different way of me operating. My starter wish-list:

  • I have a vision of an increased lightness of touch; a continuation of changes that have been taking place since I first started work with my coach, Alison Down.
  • A heart and mind-felt adoption of all of the classic principles (best seen in all of the works of the authors in my blogroll) of focus, prioritisation and time management in relation to not doing things.
  • A cutting of the long-tail of concern. I struggle to mentally tag things as ‘important, yes, but not as important as my primary concerns’
  • A knowledge that I am always focusing on the activity that will deliver the highest value to me; now. Contrasting against task-value add

More to come…..

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