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My Pursuit of Happiness – A Happiness Framework

I can’t shake my pursuit of happiness.  I referenced my Happiness System posts yesterday, and my challenges with the balance between being feeling led and thought led.

I entitled this post A Happiness Framework because I am going to explore in future Pursuit of Happiness posts, whether it’s a framework to work within rather than a system to comply with that is the answer (for me, at least)

So why and how is a framework different to a system in my thinking?

The first aspect is that it defines boundaries, parameters and guidelines rather than rules. The second is that it is something for me to work within. In the strange environs of a jacuzzi this morning, I realised that one of my problems is that I don’t like being told what to do (who does?) What I hadn’t realised is that it also applies to my conscious telling my other-than-conscious what to do…

The third aspect is that it’s something for me to work on. The whole debate about human rationality and our ability to predict what will make us happy is also at the heart of my challenge. There is an excellent post on this subject from Jake Young here: Pure Pedantry 

So, watch this space….

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