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Just Seven Things

Dice by Andrew Beierle
Dice by Andrew Beierle

I have Google Alerts set-up for a number of different key words or phrases across the web. I track references to the company I work for, our competitors, our industry etc. I also track references to my consultancy (Scarlet Monday) and to Just Seven Things.

Now the company, Madgex, has very few other references made to it. It’s a construct of the initials of the founding shareholders and they slapped an ‘x’ on the end.

Scarlet Monday has more references as you would expect with the nouns Scarlet and Monday. But not that many.

The results for Just Seven Things however are really interesting. There’s a reason for me using this title for my blog. At the heart of my passion is a fascination for the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. As in you can see in the ‘about’ this blog, ‘The Magical Number Seven’ is the hook that I hang my fascination from. 

Richard Phillips has a great page on Number 7 and, in George A. Miller’s original article, The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two; 1956; Mr Miller starts ‘My problem is that I have been persecuted by an integer…….the persistence with which this number plagues me is far more than a random accident’. He does however end:
‘And finally, what about the magical number seven? What about the seven wonders of the world, the seven seas, the seven deadly sins, the seven daughters of Atlas in the Pleiades, the seven ages of man, the seven levels of hell, the seven primary colors, the seven notes of the musical scale, and the seven days of the week? What about the seven-point rating scale, the seven categories for absolute judgment, the seven objects in the span of attention, and the seven digits in the span of immediate memory? For the present I propose to withhold judgment. Perhaps there is something deep and profound behind all these sevens, something just calling out for us to discover it. But I suspect that it is only a pernicious, Pythagorean coincidence.’

Now I’m pretty sure he didn’t have Google Alerts then, but if he’s using it now he’d see that every day there are ten to fifteen posts from across the web that reference 7 things. The seven things loved/ hated. The seven things to start/ stop. The seven things being looked forward to/ dreaded. They just go on and on.

Now it’s not persecuting me, and I think that there are logical reasons for it, but there’re probably about seven things that tell me that it’s a very special number…….

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