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The Referred Pain of Procrastination

Medicine 2 by Sergio Roberto

Medicine 2 by Sergio Roberto

My watching of a favourite American TV show about a cantankerous Dr House, and a 121 chat with a colleague at Madgex started me thinking about why we sometimes find it hard to change something that it appears we could consciously address.

It often appears to me that one of the frustrations with change is that we think we know so clearly what we have to do to make the change happen. Our conscious intellect has applied weighting (prioritisation) and a set of justifications to the most likely drivers for change. We think that we can start to get up early in the morning and get loads of work done/ start that book/ do that reading if only we could respond to the alarm clock. We obviously think/ justify that we need more sleep to do this, so we go to bed earlier. But this doesn’t seem to work, so we re-tag ourselves as ‘being one of those people that…..’ and continue not to get up early. Read more…

The Psychology of Game Playing: Creating Good Habits & Having Great Thoughts

Puzzle by Billy Alexander

Puzzle by Billy Alexander

This week I want to really explore how taking a playful approach to your conscious and unconscious pursuits can be so successful.

I have posted on a number of occasions on this subject matter, including on:

– The use of simple games/ tools to get things done or shift habits

‘Choice architecture’ to nudge to change

Unconsciously restricting time to create focused creativity

Thoughts on the ‘why’ of the success of using simple games to shift habits have included:

  • Does game playing lessen the ‘weight’ of the reactive response? Does it remove resistance because the new routine to be adopted is being done so as a game/ challenge as opposed to a mental challenge? It is therefore made ‘neutral’ by the game. – How Easily Simplicity tips into Bad Habits
  • By accepting our ‘peopleness’ and suggesting rather than telling we have greater success in change. – Nudge Yourself to Change
  • We don’t like being told what to do. Using a simple ‘light-touch approach’ to change hooks you into change easier that having a great set of ‘worthy’ reasons why the change is good. – Good Habits, Bad Habits and the Breaking of Both

But, to be honest, I’ve only really scratched the surface and I’m intrigued as to the why for the following reasons: Read more…

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