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The Social and Information Web Drug

Apologies in advance for this, a ‘splurge’ post. I just need to get a lot of stuff down.

World Peoples by Ilker

World Peoples by Ilker

Prompted by the contrast between Luciano’s Litemind post on his one year anniversary – congratulations – and his discussions about increasing the involvement with his readers and a post on the Future of Blogging on ReadWriteWeb. This latter article set a number of things racing in my head which, ironically, had been planted there by just forty eight hours of use of FriendFeed and an article in the FT (similarly as contrastive as my first example)

My apologies for this just being a string of observations with half-formed responses (in only some instances): Read more…

Just Seven Things

Dice by Andrew Beierle
Dice by Andrew Beierle

I have Google Alerts set-up for a number of different key words or phrases across the web. I track references to the company I work for, our competitors, our industry etc. I also track references to my consultancy (Scarlet Monday) and to Just Seven Things.

Now the company, Madgex, has very few other references made to it. It’s a construct of the initials of the founding shareholders and they slapped an ‘x’ on the end.

Scarlet Monday has more references as you would expect with the nouns Scarlet and Monday. But not that many.

The results for Just Seven Things however are really interesting. There’s a reason for me using this title for my blog. At the heart of my passion is a fascination for the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. As in you can see in the ‘about’ this blog, ‘The Magical Number Seven’ is the hook that I hang my fascination from. 

The Power of Social Recommendation II

Following from yesterday’s post on the power of social recommendation, I’ve been doing some more reading and thinking.

A concern that has been discussed for a while surrounds the impact of new media on the breadth of users’ knowledge. If the ‘pick and mix’ nature of information flow inputs are so controlled by the individual, then how are their currently held views being challenged (holds the argument)

The idea that RSS feeds, bespoke home pages and numerous other ways of tailoring information inputs is any different than not reading certain papers or magazines; to not watching certain TV programmes or buying certain DVDs is a challenging one….

Following yesterday’s post, I thought about this when I read in Taleb’s Fooled By Randomness about his views that the information age is homogenising our taste (with regard to people patronising what other people like to do) and that the winners of customers are now winning big as people follow other people

It got me thinking about the difference between our private and public personas, how they are managed (see Scott OBrien’s post on branding yourself to see the depth of this subject, and whether there are any patterns.

Do we strive to individuality in the shorter-term/ on the surface whilst having a deep anchor in social following and acceptance in the longer-term? Studies have been done which evidence increased levels of happiness in people who live with others rather than alone. Does the very nature of social recommendation mean that people start in a similar place (shared passion) and broaden their experiences by exploring the other online flagged interests of the other parties.

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